Meet 70 years old woman that looks like 30

She is the famed author of Sugar-Free baking and a sugar-free cooking expert. Meet 70-year-old head turner, Carolyn Hartz. At 70, she barely even looks 28 with her petite model body and smooth face. The proud mother of 3 credits this to refraining from all manner of sugars for the past 28 years. Seems like a long time but hey, we can all agree that the results are worth it.

“A lot of women post 50 think that it’s not possible to maintain a reasonable shape and weight when they reach 50 or beyond,” Hartz is said in a recent interview. “I even speak to women who are in their 40s and who have had children and think they cannot regain their post-baby body.”

Carolyn believes it all boils down to belief, awareness, and discipline. Before she embarked on her sugar-free journey, Carolyn had been a sugar addict with a love for sweets (doesn’t get any sweeter than this).After getting rid of all sugars, she discovered Xylitol to bring back the sweet taste into her diet. According to the National Health Service, xylitol is a low-calorie sweetener often found in health and hygiene products such as chewing gums and toothpaste. The ingredient is now a major part of Carolyn’s recipes. Xylitol is naturally occurring and is obtained from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Carolyn did not just wake up one day and decide to go sugar-free and trim. She fundamentally changed her diet to tackle diabetes.

When asked about cravings, “Once you say you’re not going to have cake, you want it more. I call it my deprivation center. When I discovered xylitol, my life changed. I was able to convert all these recipes.” She says.

The young looking Carolyn also had to add more proteins to her meals to compensate for lack of sugars. Her breakfast often includes a slice of salmon or eggs. She, however, warns against completely cutting off the consumption of carbohydrates as these are important in maintaining proper energy levels in your body.

In the recent past, Carolyn has had to deal with doubters and naysayers who insist on the impossibility of her achievement through proper dieting and exercise alone. Some of the comments posted on popular social platforms border on accusing her of lying about her health.

‘Are we supposed to believe she looks so young through healthy eating?! You can clearly see she’s had work done on her face! Read one in a tweet.

‘Yes, this Australian woman looks amazing at 70, but she has so obviously had some cosmetic surgery on her face.’ Tweeted another to a British show Dubbed ‘This Morning’ where she appeared for an interview.

In response, the 70-year-old denied claims of having undergone through any cosmetic surgery or used anti-aging drugs such as Botox.

“I have no objection to Botox; thousands of people around the world have it done. The focus of my whole being is not my face – what you put in your mouth is more important than maintenance.”

This maintenance she claims ‘Every good person needs it, like a good car or a house’.

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