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Brilliant Clothes Hack for Women – No Clothes Wasted

I think most women have a closet full of clothes. It takes a lot of efforts to stuff all your outfits into your suitcase when you travel. But when it comes to picking what to wear for the night, we wonder “Where are all of my clothes? I might just have to cancel. I got nothing to wear.”

Unlike men who can follow Steve Jobs’ looks of rocking the same t-shirt and jeans every day, us girls have to be very conscious about not wearing the same outfits too often. Besides, one small tear or spill can easily ruin some of our most adored clothing.

But 123 Go! released this awesome video recently to offer us easy tips for creating fabulous brand new couture using ordinary or even ruined fabric.

So here are some tricks to turn generic into FLY.


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Written by Jennifer Hong


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