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9 Must-Have Home Security Advancements

Home security is of great importance to everyone. Advancements in technology, especially in the home security industry, are made each new day. The idea is not just to keep our houses safe from burglars; it’s much more than that. Personal security when we are in our houses is also essential. If you have never made the best out of your home security, how about you give it a go?First, you should be very conversant with most, if not all the advancements of the current home security. These advancements are currently reshaping the industry. Let’s talk about some of them.

Safe Neighborhood

Make sure that before you move to a new neighborhood, ask about it. Is it safe? How do the people in the community relate to each other? Here, you need to make good use of your realtor. Ask them about the area, and if they don’t have this information, please don’t sit back until it’s too late to change your mind. If need be, research about the place online, pass by it personally. You can even ask the nearest police station about the crime rate of that location.

Look for signs of any security problems. If the area has numerous alarm systems, then that tells you that there is something to worry about. Don’t worry about having to pay much for rent. If the place is safer, the cost will be high, but still, go for it! Pay much rent and stay safe.

Own a Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures that can offer the best security. They can help you ease stress, and can be your best friend. You only need a robust loyal dog, and your safety will be perfect! Anytime your dog barks, check your premises. A dog barking could be an indication that an intruder is nearby. Dogs do not cost much, and they can save you a lot of other expenses. Keep a dog and stay safe!

Strong House Numbers

Always make sure that your house number is visible at all times of the day. People around your area of residence should be able to see the number at a distance. In case of any problem, you are likely to get quick assistance if the emergency personnel can see your house number with ease.

Perimeter checks

Perimeter checks add an element of surprise to intruders. Motion sensor lights will always keep you alert for any intruders. However, these motion sensors can be quite expensive. If you can’t afford it, regular lights will do.

Do not give intruders an easy time trespassing. Put up a perimeter wall around your house. Whether short or high, it will be an obstacle to criminals.  As they struggle to get past this obstacle, you will have plenty of time to decide on what to do about them. Flowers around the house are not only for decorating your home; they give protection uphill to some degree.

Alarm systems

These may be too expensive. It does not mean that only fancy security systems will ensure that you are safe. You can put a company’s sign that is visible on your property. Some companies offer signs of home security. Any available hocking sound will chase any intruder.


Windows also play an essential role when it comes to home security. Make sure that your windows are reliable and secured and do not open more than six inches. Good windows should have a strong foundation. If possible, have your windows screwed to their frames in the tightest way possible. Windows should not be left open if you are away from home.


Many people can go through your door. Just make sure that no criminal does that. It is hard for culprits to enter a house through the windows. So, in many cases, they use the doors. Upgrade your locks; buy locks that you can install on your own. The doors should also be stable. This will give any criminal a hard time to break.

Community Watch Programs

These programs ensure additional eyes on our property. If a whole community can come together to ensure their safety, the security of many homes will be perfect. High levels of commitment will make a safe neighborhood.

House or Home

Always give the impression that somebody is in your house. If you want to go on vacation, do not go around telling neighbors that you will not be around. Give somebody the responsibility of taking care of your home if you are away. Your mails should not fill the mailbox as this suggests that there is nobody at home.  Apart from having your letters taken, you can put all mail delivery on hold till you get back.

Park your car in your driveway if you have one. If not, have a friend or neighbor park in your driveway until you get home. Create an environment that will not make it look obvious that you are not back.

Create a safe home environment for your family. Always be alert and be strategic in planning your safety. Simple acts, such as locking doors and windows at all times, are essential for safety.  Be on the lookout and stay safe.

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Written by Daisy Neema


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