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An 8-yr-old girl Alyssa’s story will melt your heart who called fat by her crush

Body shaming has become a serious issue and physical appearance has become very important these days. People judge you on your weight or body type. Sometimes it becomes very humiliating for a person who deals with it.

Recently a story went viral when a Twitter user Briseyda from Texas US, shared a story of her 8-yr-old cousin Alyssa who went on a run because she called fat by her crush. Alyssa’s classmate named Hector called her fat so, she decided to went on a run.


Midway through the run, Alyssa was seen eating a snack well it is adorable. Briseyda told her young cousin that it is more important to be healthy and happy than anything else. The story went viral and Twitter supported this little girl and showered love on her with their supportive tweets. Briseyda’s tweet about Alyssa got 40,000 likes.

Here are some:

Article written by Nazia Bashir

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Written by Sabina Giorgiana


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