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celebrities who are unrecognizable without makeup

We all make use of makeups, irrespective of our line of work. However, are makeups capable of altering our total look and making us unrecognizable? Let’s find out with this five celebrities.
1. Janice Dickinson: This teen celebrity has usually been found to describe herself as one of the first supermodels. She is usually found on the covers of Cosmo, Vogue and even Playboy. She is a model for top brands like Calvin Klein and Versace. However, due to age, she has only been able to keep her youthful looks with the help of surgery whose side effects now requires her to use makeup as a cover-up.
2. Lisa Kudrow: Lisa Kudrow is an attractive person with a bubbling, quirky personality. She has been seen without makeup severally and we bet you can’t recognise her. However, she doesn’t seem to mind.
3. Renee Zellweger: even when Renee is not on makeup, she looks entirely different from her old self. It is so obvious she has done a bit of a job on her looks and she seems to be enjoying it. This is a very wise investment in herself and her career. When she recently stepped out in her new looks, paparazzi claims she totally stands out and we commend her for going through with the changes as a means of boosting her career and self-esteem.
4. Heather Locklear: Heather is widely known for her role as best known for her role has Armanda Woodall in Marvels plays. This super actress has outstanding looks which makes it totally unbelievable that she is in her 50s. With her makeup, you can never know the truth. Is there anything makeup will not cover up? None, I guess!
5. Faith Hill: this is a popular country singer who has topped the lists a couple of times. With blonde hair and sultry eyes, it is easy to fall in love with her and her works. However, once she is on makeup, she looks entirely different although she still maintains her fresh looks. She is rarely been seen in public without makeup.

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Written by Charles Jason


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