How to be happy: A surprising lesson from an African tribe on happiness

We’d love to all learn how to be happy. And sometimes the solution comes from an amazing place.

Let me tell you a story …

There was an anthropologist who researched a small African tribe’s habits and history.

He had been working in the village for quite some time and put together a gift basket loaded with delicious fruits from around the area and wrapped it in a ribbon the day before he was going home. He placed the basket under a tree and then picked up the kids in the village.

The man drew a line in the dirt, looked at the boys, and said, “When I tell you to start, run to the tree, and whoever first gets there will win the fruit basket.

They all took each other’s hands when he told them to run and ran to the tree together. Then they sat around the basket together and enjoyed their group treat.

It shocked the anthropologist. He wondered why they would all go together if one of them was able to win all the fruits for himself?

A young girl looked up at him and said, “If all the others are sad, how can one of us be happy?”

Years later, the well-known South African activist Desmond Tutu would describe the thinking process of the little girl using the word ubuntu, meaning “I am because we are.”

This is exactly the kind of philosophy embraced by our community.

First of all, Family

In our little community here, we each have our own goals and our own mission. Some of us work to lose weight and become healthy. Some aspire to gain muscle and become more secure. But we are always a team working for success irrespective of our individual interests. We are a group of people looking for a better planet, not just a different one. We are supporting one another. We think there’s always room at the top. We believe in abundance and we are working hard to make life great in our society for everyone. We walk to the tree and together we enjoy the fruit. Happiness comes from combining what we want to do with a positive task. Our goal is to improve your health and happiness in this community so that you can do what you enjoy and contribute something positive.
We think we’re here to make the world a better place, and we think happy and healthy people have a better chance than anyone else to do that. This is why we share ways of losing fat and gaining muscle naturally, reducing stress and feeling happier, and increasing energy and creativity.

What do you think?

Written by Destiny Destiny


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