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How to become a recognized musician – as a chicken

Remember my article about music genres? I briefly mentioned Igorrr as a breakcore musician you should listen to, but did you know that his chicken plays music too? Igorrr’s hen, also known as Patrick, already has 2 songs recorded and present on Youtube:

My Chicken’s Symphony was Patrick’s debut in this industry and even if his owner took the full credit for the arrangements (but still left the melody to Patrick), he was still highly acclaimed by Youtube users:

Up to the point where he started being identified with some classical chicken musicians:

However some were more pretentious and complained about Patrick’s improvisation:

Considering Patrick’s initial success, he decided to move a step further and composed the Chicken Sonata, which definitely coined him as an emblematic chicken musician:

Isn’t it interesting how Patrick is given full credit now? I believe Igorrr was finally able to deal with the success Patrick had, which might have been even greater than his own… The Youtube users however weren’t paying attention to that, since they were more focused on Patrick’s interpretation:

Some of them couldn’t help but make fun of Patrick’s skills:

While others were focused on posing some interesting safety related issues:

In the end, I guess it all boils down to the fact that Igorrr brought such a talent to the general public, thing that we should all be grateful for:

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Written by Sabina Giorgiana


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