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Do you have healthy habits?

  • Wake up in the morning:

    • Do Housework or Go for some workout
    • Sleep some more and stay in bed
    • Decide to avoid cleaning and continue daily routine
  • Angry and Mad:

    • Go to Sleep
    • Don’t go to Sleep Mad
    • Stay Up and Forget Sleeping Till the day after
  • Feel stressed:

    • Avoid Eating
    • Eat your feelings out
    • Relax and Eat
  • To hydrate your body, best way is to:

    • Consume more foods with liquids
    • Consume more water
    • Consume any juice or drink
  • Feeling not well or something is wrong physically:

    • Go for annual check-up exams
    • Ignore it depending that it will heal alone
    • Go for simple check-up and extend the process of waiting
  • Felt hungry because of skipping dinner:

    • Decide to eat at the last minute before bed
    • Decide to eat junk food
    • Decide to eat tomorrow
  • Addicted to the Phone/Internet:

    • Decide to continue this
    • Have a hard time stay off for an hour
    • Decide to gradually take some time off
  • You are about to go broke:

    • Decide to spend it all anyway and wait until next month’s payment
    • Go weekends without spending much
    • Decide to spend it all
  • Feeling So Lonely:

    • Go out and try to have fun along with friends
    • Stay alone and lonely
    • Stay not so social

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