For most people, camping outdoor is the perfect way to unwind, unplug and escape from the hassles and troubles of tight schedules and set deadlines. In our busy digital world, it is highly rewarding to get off the grid and head out for a summer camping once in a blue moon.

Whatever camping means to you – sleeping on a bed made from thatched leaves under the glowing stars with your runsack for pillow or coasting from campsite in a sprinter vehicle – there are a number of camping equipment that can make your vacation comfortable and packed with lots of beautiful memories.

  • Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping pad

This mattress is probably the best inflatable lightweight sleeping pad you might come across. It is designed with V-shaped ridges, hence, they would support you no matter how you sleep. It is portable and can pack down to 3 by 8 inches. Consequently, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t bring it along for your outdoor camping.

The Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping pad also comes along with a patch kit and a stuff sack. So, you can keep it neatly packed in your stuff sack or patch it using your patch kit in case it gets torn during use. It costs about $35 on Amazon.

  • Wildhorn Outfitters Double/Single Camping Hammock

If you choose to go camping in the woods or indeed anywhere sturdy enough to bear your load, using a hammock is a lot easier to set up than a sleeping bag and a tent.

While it might not pass as the most comfortable means of sleeping outdoors, it is okay for a few camp nights. This is because it weighs only a little fraction of a tent and sleeping bag and would save you the stress of carrying bulky loads especially when you go hiking. It goes for about $35 on Amazon.

  • Coleman EvenTemp

Priced between $119 and $350 on Amazon, this is easily the best base camp stove available for camping. It delivers three burners and 28,000m BTUs of power making it an easy pick if you choose to go camping with family or a group of loved ones.

These burners radiate head equally across the stove. Hence, you can simultaneously cook using two 12-inch pans and three 8-inch pans. Coleman Even Temp is a good-buy for your outdoor adventures with its good build and rust-resistant aluminized steel cooktop. Its burners are also made of stainless steel and are ideal for really rough terrains.

While trying to escape from the rigors of work, camping could cause a lot of discomfort if the right gear and camping equipment aren’t packed with you.


The importance of these camping equipment cannot be overestimated. It makes your life in the woods, far from remote and gives you comfort on a beautiful platter.

Still, it is important you pick lightweight options over bulky equipment as they would increase the bulk of load you have to move around especially when your vacation requires moving from campsite to campsite. They even more important when you go hiking. The aforementioned equipment are the best in their categories and would make your cam experience worthwhile.

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Written by Adekoya Akorede


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