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The Best Underrated Destinations for Fall Travel

Fall is the perfect time to travel since prices are low and pocket-friendly. During this time, the weather is more relaxed, and tourist destinations have fewer tourists.  Take this as an excellent opportunity to travel somewhere that is quiet, beautiful, and magical. Taking this trip will give you a break from the summer blues. These magnificent destinations will provide you with sweet and long-lasting memories.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

If you are looking for a destination to extend your summer, Culebra is the place for you. Culebra will grace you with its crystal-clear waters, tropical forests, and the glorious white sandy beaches. For the lovers of wildlife, you will also have a great time seeing the exotic wildlife in Culebra. Windsurfing and diving are a common sport here, and they will keep you entertained if you give them a try.  Don’t forget to get your perfect tan by relaxing on the sun loungers.

Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson is a coastal town that borders Georgia, known for its blissful boating activities. Lake Hartwell is a sight to behold with its vigorous auburn shores in fall. There are many quaint inns from which you can choose a place to relax for the night. The beautiful scenes will take your breath away.

Regina, Canada

Regina has the most breathtaking fall landscapes in North America.  You can have a wonderful time in the Wascana Centre, which is among the largest parks in North America. Don’t miss out.

Obertraun, Austria

There are many fun activities to try out in Obertraun during fall. This village has spectacular landscapes across the Austrian Alps.  Visit Obertraun during this time, and you are sure to have the best time of your life. There are popular activities such as biking, hiking, and swimming around the lake.

Halle, Germany

Halle is a beautiful town in Germany remarkable for its hilltop zoo and the Handel-Haus. This city has many museums, the Gothic bell tower Roter Turm and Germany’s oldest chocolate factory. Halle hosts a two-week music festival every year.  You should visit this city, and you are sure to have the best experience.

Pinehurst, North Carolina

North Carolina is usually leafy and beautiful during the fall. The landscapes will make you want to stay longer. If you love golf, Pinehurst golf club is a must-visit. It has one of the best golf courses in the world. Pinehurst golf resort hosted the US Open, Ryder Cup, and PGA Championship. The famous tournaments give you a reason not to miss out.

Beppu, Japan

Beppu is a city in Japan that has over 2,000 natural hot springs. These hot springs are surrounded by beautiful orange foliage that adds to the beauty of this magnificent city. Make sure to take pictures and capture fantastic views.

Europe is a sophisticated continent with a rich culture and a history that spans centuries. Apart from the mainland cities where one can visit, several islands are often underrated, but they happen to be among the best places to visit.

Porquerolles, France

This island has a population of 200 people. The small community makes it an ideal tourist destination since tourists will have a chance to interact with the locals.  Porquerolles started as a private island in 1912, and although it is open to the public, most of it is protected as a nature reserve. This island is found off the French coast where visitors can swim in the clear waters. The island hosts an intimate jazz festival each year.

Gozo, Malta

Gozo is the second-largest island in Malta.  It is a quiet place, making it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a peaceful holiday. Gozo is famous for its sunny beaches, cultural excursions, and attractive coastlines. Gozo is also a haven for amazing Mediterranean cuisines. You should try them out when you visit this place, and you are sure to go for a second helping.

Corsica, France

Corsica Island is close to Italy, and this means that you will get the best of both worlds. This island has beautiful sceneries that will captivate you.

Corsica has a whole package of activities for you; snorkeling activities, there are unique hiking trails and beautiful nature reserves. Corsica Island is the place where the great artist, Henry Matisse first fell in love with color. The story of Matisse gives you another reason to visit this island.

Funchal, Portugal

Funchal is a small island of Madeira. It is the perfect blend between a European town and a hot holiday spot. Tourists will enjoy the green sceneries, the white sandy coastlines and the beautiful homes along the water.  The island’s mainland is also worth a visit. You can have a walk into Funchal’s thick forest, which is a home to the majestic Risco waterfall. The Vereda dos Balcoes is worth a hike for its breathtaking views. Visit this island and create lasting memories.

Mykonos, Greece

Greece has many islands within and around. So, why choose Mykonos over the other islands? Mykonos is simply the best. It has everything that a tourist needs. There are beautiful white beaches and cool blue waters to dip in when the sun gets too hot and a bustling nightlife. Mykonos has a rich culture, and it is a consistently famous Island for tourists across the world.

Tenerife, Spain

Whenever you want to escape the mainland, Tenerife Island is an excellent alternative. Tenerife is the busiest Canarian islands. It is the best place for younger travelers who will enjoy the nightlife with plenty of restaurants.  Western Sahara shows a rare coastline of pleasant landscapes ideal for older visitors.  For the best holiday experience, make sure to visit the Poris de Candelaria.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has beautiful beaches and is a vibrant historical destination with various landmarks to behold. The monuments include churches and museums that you should visit. At the end of your busy day, enjoy the delicious European dishes, which you will instantly fall in love with!

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