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The Unusual Wedding

Weddings are one of those occasions that people look out for a lot. For most people, they start envisioning their wedding day right from childhood. In fact, research shows that most ladies have a rough idea of what their wedding day should look like even before they leave the teen age. It’s hard to exactly pinpoint when weddings started, but we know that the ‘white wedding culture’ become hugely popular in 1840, after Queen Victoria of England wore a flowering white gown on the day she got wedded to Albert of Saxe-Coburg. The wedding ring is one thing that has always been associated with weddings, and contrary to popular notion, people didn’t start using wedding rings in England. History has it that wedding rings could be dated back to about 4800 years ago, in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Jewish cultures.

Although people all over the world have embraced white wedding, couples have always gone out of their ways to spice up their white wedding and make it stand out from the crowd. Those are incredible moves because if you are anything like the average person, you will only get to celebrate your wedding once, so you should make the most of it, right? Right! That’s what the couple in our story did.

Jesse and Audrey decided to go beyond the norm with their wedding. They created a type of wedding ceremony they’d always wanted to attend. Everything about their wedding was unusual. They had 18 different cakes, lots of fun games during the reception, costume parades, and a mini-theater for the guests to enjoy great movies. But, perhaps, none of these stand out more than their choice of dress. To begin with, the groom and his men didn’t wear the usual tux. “who wants to wear a tux?” he said when interviewed. Instead, they wore tuxedo print hoodies. Although the bride wore an actual wedding gown, she wasn’t the only one on a wedding gown. All the guests got to wear their old bridal dresses again. If you wanted to identify the bride, you couldn’t go searching for the lady in a bridal gown, there were just too many of them, but Audrey stood out because of the color and texture of her gown, which according to her, was inspired by Cinderella and Elsa.

Guess who the flower girls were? If your mind began to imagine some young 5-10 years old, then you are wrong. The actual flower girls were older than the couple themselves. To better spice up the occasion, Jesse and Audrey decided their mums became the flower girls. It was indeed a great sight. Like the traditional weddings, Jesse and Audrey had a reception after the official wedding, but that didn’t stop them from making it unique. During the reception, the guest had a chance to enjoy good dining and movie soundtrack at the “sugar bar”. They also played games like Simpsons arcade game and some classic video games that the groom loved so much.
The wedding ended with a costume party.
Certainly, the creativity of Jesse and Audrey will inspire other couples to go beyond the norm. What do you think?

What do you think?

Written by Clara Kendall


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