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people who abuse plastic surgery to look like celebrities

Woman receiving Plastic Operation

While its normal for many Americans to enjoy following the happenings of celebrities, others take it to an extreme. These individuals endure plastic surgeries in order to truly resemble their favourite celebrities, and most have a hard time stopping after that.

Here is a list of four people who abused plastic surgeries to look like celebrities.

  1. Nicholas Ryan – Ryan Gosling: Nicholas Ryan is an aspiring actor that has spent over $5000 on filler injections and Botox to look like his favourite actor Ryan Gosling. His entire jaw was built out to be more define like that of his idol. Not only has he had work done to look like the star but he also chose Ryan as his stage name and hopes that he can get more female attention by looking like his favourite celebrity.
  2. Crystal Britney Spears: crystal has had many cosmetic procedures that include breast implants, fat grafts in her cheeks, nose job and lip injections. All in order to look like her favourite pop star, Britney Spears. After spending over $25, 000 on procedures, Crystal was hoping that she could earn a living impersonating Britney Spears at her stripping job.
  3. Ashley Horn- Lindsay Lohan: Horn is actually the half-sister of the celebrity as they share the same father. Ashley has spent over $25, 000 on a nose job and other plastic surgery procedures all to look like her famous sibling. She was hoping to look like Lindsay did during the height of her fame and claims she in no way acts like her half-sister and better looking as well.
  4. Carolyn Anderson-Pamela Anderson: Carolyn loves Pamela Anderson so much that she has devoted her life to looking and acting like the star. Proving her dedication to Pamela, Carolyn has spent $30, 000 on eight breast enhancement surgeries, as one of her implants exploded while in a tanning bed. Leaving her with one fake breast for over 6 months not only has she had plastic surgery procedures but she also legally changed her last name to Anderson.

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Written by Charles Jason


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