College Admission Scandal: The Terrific Cycle


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you would have heard (most likely in the news) of the admission scandal going on in top Ivy league institutions. It’s so rampant these days that even people residing beyond the shores of America are beginning to hear the stories. If you are like most people, you would see this as bad, but hang on till you see the full picture – it’s terrific!

A lady who is a professional writer took on to her social media handle recently to share a post that clearly explains the nature of the education scandal going on in colleges. Obviously, the post was an eye-opener and was embraced by a lot of people – apart from the tons of comments, the post was instantly shared by 30K people. Being an elite writer, the OP was constantly in the light of the happenings in and around Ivy colleges. According to her, rich parents would contact her to help with writing professional resumes, bios or personal essays for their kids who couldn’t write well. The implication of this was, the kids will be admitted into the colleges almost without any objection because of the wonderful essays they present. But that’s not all. These rich kids have the privilege of being personally tutored by experts in skills like test preps, interview skills, idea generation and so on. This sets the kids above their mates, and even if they were below average, the experts hired by their parent will see to it that they passed through college successfully. The writer mentioned that she wrote undergraduate and graduate essays for some of these kids, and what she was doing most of the time was correcting errors and fine-tuning the essays to make professional sense.

Most people think that it all ends when the rich kids graduate from college, but, no. College is actually a step in the way. After college, the connections the parents of these kids have, together with the enviable fact that they passed through Ivy league colleges put them in good positions to be hired by top companies in the country. And when this happens, you will think that those kids will mess up at work because they were helped through college, but this is seldom the case. These corporations will hire experts who will coach their new employees on professional ethics and the art of building amazing personal brands, how to show their wealth to the public without having to appear to be bragging, and all. With this, the rich folks continue to climb up the ladder of success and achievements. They will equally take their children and children’s children through the same process, making it a cycle of the-rich-gets-richer.
Clearly, what was once the American dream has slowly turned into the American nightmare. People in the low and middle class will have to hit some kind of grand jackpot to ever sail through the system designed to favor the rich.

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Written by Clara Kendall


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