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Vulnerability Of The Bereaved

The Many Ways People Are Scammed When They Lose Their Loved Ones


Most people are scared of death.
A lot of us don’t show it, but on the death bed, during the time people are about transiting to the other side of life, you will see fear clearly spelled out on their faces. Of course, not everyone, but a majority of persons. Especially those who regret not taking advantage of opportunities when they came. No one can say for sure if people grieve after taking their last breath, but we do know that family and friends on earth grief their lives out. When people are bereaved, they are supposed to be comforted by other friends and family, but it’s quite unfortunate that people tend to take advantage of human emotions and squeeze out cash from those who mourn. This is fast becoming a norm in the capitalist driven world, where prices can go up at any time. Below are the major ways bereaved family members are scammed during their mourning season.

The first is embalming. Raise your hands if you believe embalming is compulsory. Many people think it is, but there is nowhere in the law where it is stated that embalming is a must. Chemically preserving a body is only necessary when you need to transport the body for a long distance or when you desire to postpone the burial. Some people believe embalming protects public health, but a dead body does not pose as much threat to the public as a living person. In fact, the only thing relating to the public is the fact that the embalmers are at risk of getting infected by toxic chemicals used in the embalming process.

Next up is the use of caskets. Except you are about having a grand celebration, an average casket will be okay. Protective or sealed caskets do not make much difference, because dead bodies still rot in airtight conditions. Also, the only difference between metal and wood caskets is the way they were made and the beauty they emit. Nothing more. If you have the money and wish to make the burial ceremony glamorous, then go for fancy caskets, otherwise, even rentals will do the job.

Last is the myth about funeral homes. The truth is, you don’t need a funeral home. They are only an option, and you can choose to reduce their involvement to the barest minimum. If you want, you can bury the dead in your home, family burial site, or use natural burial sites where you lay the body in the dirt and let it serve as tree food. In a bid to make you patronize them, some burial homes will tell you certain things are illegal when in reality, they are not. Do not let anyone prey on your ignorance, it’s advisable to get some knowledge about the stand of the law concerning burial – because, after all is said and done, we are all going to lose a loved one someday – you can do this by reading blog posts online, following YouTube channels like Ask A Mortician or seeking professional advice.

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Written by Clara Kendall


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