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How Dreadful is Poverty?

A Man Tries to Explain To His Rich Friend How Terrible The Poverty Cycle Is

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Some things in life are better felt than explained. Trying to explain them to the uninitiated would almost always be a wasted effort, because they just won’t get the clear picture. Have you ever been in situations where you try hard to explain certain experiences to people but to no avail?
Poverty is one of such things. Its hard to explain poverty to individuals who have been feeding from silver spoons all their lives. In this post, we shall consider the conversation that went on between a supposedly poor tumblr user who is trying to explain his poverry to his rich friend. The conversation between these friends only goes on to mirrow what most people are experiencing daily.

The conversation was at length, so we would only pick and paraphrase the parts that matter most to this post. The tumblr user started the conversation by stating his struggle to make his rich friend understand why poverty is terrible, and how difficult it is to get out of poverty. Consistent with what most rich people would do, the rich friend suggested that his buddy saved some amount of money weekly. He asked his friend to save at least $5 weekly, but that’s the problem. How can one afford to save when what he gets is not even enough to take care of his most basic needs? The poor friend explained that he tried saving, but something will just come up and wipe it all off. He was having occasional health challenges, and that was the major reason he couldn’t get to save money. He also stated that his family weren’t in abject poverty while he was growing up. They lived in a good house and the kids went to school, at least. But their mum had to work 2-3 jobs. Even at that, they depended on the government for feeding. After a lengthy conversation, the rich friend began to understand the situation, and he confessed he would never have believed his friend had to depend on the government for feeding.

Series of comments followed the posts. The comments, were a mix, but basically, some people seemed to be surprised and a majority of the comments supported the view that poverty is a terrible cycle. So terrible, only few people get to escape its claws. What do you think? Surely poverty is real and indeed the cycle can be overwhelming, but the fact that some people could conquer it and live the lives they want should tell you that there is a way out. Of course, not an easy one, but one that opens up to people who are dissatisfied with their position, desire more from life and go for it.

If, for any reason, you aren’t comfortable with your current financial level, rather than bash in the harshness of the cycle of poverty, seek the way out. Your freedom begins when you start believing there is a way out. Next thing to do, seek mentors and ask intelligent questions. If you ask the right people, you will get the right answers, and when you act on the tips given, you will find that you are gradually beginning to create the life you desire.

What do you think?

Written by Clara Kendall


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