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Dirty John – More About the Deceptions and Downfall of John Meehan

‘Dirty John’ on Netflix that everyone is talking about is based on a true story. Additional facts you might want to hear!

‘Dirty John’ is a godsend for all true crime lovers. Based on a real-life tale and characters, the new Netflix original show tells a story about a disastrous love affair between a successful Orange County divorcee Debra Newell and an ex-con, lifelong conman John Meehan who was addicted to opioids. This shocking story has all the components of a satisfying true crime series – psychopathic mind games, sex, family drama, lies, clash with the law enforcement, violence and a shocking yet happy ending where the good guys win.

Eric Bana and Connie Britton delivered an amazing performance; Britton received Golden Globes nominations for her portrayal of Debra Newell. Watch the video above to listen to Eric Bana talk about what it was like playing the psychopathic villain.

If you are fiending for more juicy details around this worse-than-fiction story, we got you. We have summarized additional facts about the destructive life and death of Meehan. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the show yet, many of the truths we share here will give away the plot/ending!

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Written by Jennifer Hong

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